Creative Arts Schools Trust

CAST is the Creative
Arts Schools Trust. 

CAST was founded by actor-director David
Morrissey, who started a drama workshop project after a visit to
Lebanon where he witnessed the lack of creative learning for young people in
Palestinian refugee camps. This led to the creation of a pilot scheme in
October 2009. That project proved to be a great success and when we returned we decided to form a company to run more sustainable programmes of work. This led to a further
teachers training workshop in March 2010 supported by UNWRA (the United Nations Works and Relief agency) and the British Embassy in Beirut. The intention now is taking similar
projects other regions that have a need for such resources and a project is planned for Sri Lanka in 2011 and I have now taken on the role of CEO for CAST.

CAST is unique in the way we work with global communities. We look at local governments,  their education criteria and creating workshops that both support and amplify their own teaching policies. We seek to find the gaps in both techniques and resources helping to fill them with exciting and inspirational projects for young people.
Our training projects enable local teachers to integrate creative learning into their teaching practice without disrupting their timetables and can be adapted for both mainstream and special needs classes, with the aim that they then initiate their own creative projects. Our Artist's Network encourages artists from within the communities we work in to be part of our teams, meaning that the methods we pass on stay within the local area rather than leaving at the end of our projects.
We seek to promote the development of communication skills and confidence building in young people through drama, music, movement, dance and film.

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At the heart of our organisation are the artists who deliver the work - each are experienced practitioners in their own fields, both as creatives and as educators. Teams are built from a wide spectrum of specialisms and are created so that artists to get as much from working with each other as with the participants.   

For more information on CAST, our work in Lebanon and South Africa and details on how you can support our work please visit our website by clicking here: