Anders Lustgarten's play about the impact of Prevent on a classroom of secondary students, Directed by Suzann Macclean at Theatre Peckham

Director, Suzann McLean brings out the youthful energy of this talented group with great control, achieving a fluidity of movement and pace as the mood intensifies. Emma Wee’s set cleverly makes the classroom overflow into the audience **** (spy in the stalls)

Issues based on colour, race, religion and gender – and shaming by phone – are all confronted. It makes for uncomfortable, soul searching viewing.
Playing at Theatre Peckham (London), Extremism is immersive, inclusive and important theatre. ***** (closeupculture)

In London's Borough of Southwark, a priority area for Prevent, this provocative piece is particularly relevant but the classroom is a microcosm of society and Extremism should concern us all. (British Theatre Guide) ****