Carmen - Opera Holland Park.

Conducted by Matthew Willis, Directed by Jonathan Munby, Choreography by Lynne Page, Lighting by Colin Grefell.

Guardian ****

Jonathan Munby's production of Bizet's opera plays it straight but with an intelligence that throws constant light on the characters and their inner complexity. Emma Wee's spare designs make a virtue of a space that can often seem a limitation.



London Standard ****

…, fresh little details and Emma Wee’s beautifully efficient, design — in which the Tudor ruin Holland House somehow doubles as Seville — prevent it approaching the hackneyed.



The Stage ***

there is to be little hint of failure in Jonathan Munby’s orthodox but sensitive Holland Park production….Designer Emma Wee leaves it to her fine costumes to do the visual work in the second half.



Independent ***

Emma Wee's simple designs..and some spirited work from the orchestra make for a pacy show.